Broadband Speed Test

    Welcome to the internet speed testing zone, the quickest and easiest way to test broadband speed online. To run your personalised test simply use the tool below.

    The gadget will run some test that include testing your download and upload speed, once complete it will display the results. Bear in mind that there are many factors that can influence broadband speed, including your broadband package, location, whether your neighbours are online, computer configuration, time of day and even the weather! The speed of the broadband connection you receive is measured in kilobytes per second (Kb) and Megabytes per second (Mb). The higher the number of bytes you are able to download per second, the faster the connection. For example, a typical dial-up connection has a speed of 56Kb. A basic starter broadband package will offer a speed of 512Kb, 10x faster than dial-up.

    Are you receiving the broadband speed you are paying for?

    The chances are the answer is no and we believe this needs to change. As such, we are putting pressure on broadband providers to improve their service. but in the meantime check out our exclusive broadband deals. According to the telecom watchdog Ofcom UK consumers receive an average broadband speed of 3.6 megabits per second, that's less than the average maximum possible speed of 4.3 Mbit/s across the UK and significantly below advertised headline speeds. Speeds are slowest between 5pm and 6pm on Sundays, when use of the internet is at its highest.

    Rural Vs Urban

    If there is one argument that has continued since the beginning of the availability if broadband it is the fact that urban areas enjoy the latest technology and fastest broadband speeds whilst those living in the rural areas count themselves lucky if they can access the slowest broadband available. Overall, dissatisfaction with broadband is higher for rural users (14%) than urban users (8%). There are plans to introduce a tax to pay for high speed fibre optic cabling throughout the UK but in the meantime those people living out of the reach of a broadband connection have some good alternatives, see our range of Mobile Broadband deals for more info.

    Broadband News

    UK Speed ranked 33rd in world
    The average UK download speed is around 7.69Mbps which places it 33rd in the latest global broadband speed survey. Average global consumer download speed is 7.67 Mbps while the Europe averages 10.03Mbps, according to the Net Index of the broadband speed testing firm, Ookla.

    Rural Broadband needs Investment
    Improved high-speed broadband could reinvigorate rural economies and bring a range of "social and economic benefits" to all sectors of the population. Boosting the efficiency of small businesses is just one area where the roll-out of broadband can make a difference in the UK, according to one industry body.

    Weather affects Broadband Speeds
    There are a number of issues that impact speed such as distance form the exchange, contention ratio and even weather conditions," he said. "Some broadband providers will give you an idea of the expected speed, so it's always worth checking this before signing a contract.