Home Broadband Offers

    The table below shows the latest offers from the top broadband providers in the UK. Each of these companies have been selected for there commitment to providing a high quality broadband service.

    What to Look for

    These days the broadband companies add in many extras into their deals which could entice you to join them. You may want to think what's the most important to you. Is it the speed of the service or just the cost of the overall service ?. Certainly many companies will offer the deal of a free wireless router to connect your broadband connection with laptops and desktop computers you may have around the house but perhaps the overall speed is something you need. Not all homes will get the same service as this depends on what type of equipment is at your local telephone exchange and just how far away from it your home or business is. The further away the slower the speed in any case.

    Think about what you need the internet for. If it's just general surfing and the answering of emails then you may not need a fast connection but if you want to view television programmes perhaps using the BBC's iplayer or playing online games then you'll need something faster.

    Also look out for the amount of download data you can undertake each month. Most packages have limits but some are unlimited (subject to a fair usage policy). If you are already with a provider and out of contract it may be worth giving them a call and see what they can offer you if you stay with them. This is usually the best way to get cheaper prices and perhaps an increased speed.

    Current Best Packages

    Although broadband packages change all the time the same providers come up time and again for some of the best deals and we have listed them here:

    • Sky Broadband - actually offers free broadband and weekend and evening calls if you are already a subcriber. They have a range of services depending on the speed you want and if you take out a line rental subscription with them. It's a cheap service but they don't appear to offer a wireless router.
    • BT Broadband - customer service issues aside this is still one of the best packages to get especially if you are already with BT. Give them a call and say you are leaving and you'll get the best rates including reduced line rental. If you take the BT vision product you can get additional savings although you'll need to have a download speed of at least 2mb
    • O2 Broadband - this is a great deal if you are already an O2 mobile phone customer and they have just launched a bundled telephone service as well. Worth looking into.
    • Virgin Broadband - this can have some of the fastest speeds available but not all of the country can get the super fast broadband speeds they advertise. Again it's worth checking what's available in your area to see which providers can offer what you want.

    Offers change all of the time and most providers only require you to sign up for 12 months so you can change later. Switching is easy and all you need is a MAC code from your current supplier and they will do all the switching for you.