Broadband Access from your Laptop

    Getting access to the internet from your laptop computer whilst on the move it easy with a package from one of the telephone or mobile phone companies. There are plenty of deals and offers from the phone operators to ensure that this is a limited expense on your behalf.

    What is Mobile Broadband ?

    Mobile broadband allows you to enjoy the same service as fixed broadband services in environments that were previously out of reach, that is why it is perfect for people living in rural areas that cannot access fixed line broadband. Mobile broadband offers other benefits too, it allows you to access the internet while out and about; you are no longer limited by the length of cable!

    The Costs for Mobile Phone Users

    Believe it or not the cost to access the internet on your laptop is generally a lot cheaper than home broadband packages and the speeds are increasing almost monthly. Many pay monthly packages have internet access either included in your overall costs (like free minutes and free texts) or they have reduced rates. You can also buy what is known as a dongle which provides an amount of internet time for free. The other great thing is you don't have to sign up to long term contracts and some of the dongles have a pay as you surf type contract and you just load up more time when you need it.

    How does a Dongle Work ?

    The term dongle just means a small device that plugs into a USB port and the size is much like a portable hard drive that you use to back up your files and they are about 8cm in length. They are available for PC or Mac computers and can support speeds of up to around 2mbps upload and 7.2mbps download which is on a par with most home broadband packages. They generally work with any modern operating system and most mobile phone companies offer them for free when you sign up for a mobile broadband package.

    Some Deals on Offer

    Of course all the deals change all the time but here is our pick of some of the most popular.

    • Orange - £5 per month for an 18 month contract and 500mb monthly download allowance (exclusive for Orange customers) or unlimited access at £35 per month for an 18 month contract
    • Vodafone - from £3 per month for light usage up to £30 per month

    It's probably best to either check with your existing mobile phone provider or check out a price comparison site for broadband mobile offers to see which is best for your needs.