Here are some useful websites for anything to do with getting a better broadband deal for your home or business.

    Broadband Regulation and Complaints

    If you have any issues with your current supplier you can get a lot of information from the industry regulator ofcom - although they won't deal with any complaint you may have directly here's what you should do. First off contact your current supplier and outline what your complaint is all about and see how they may resolve the issue you have. Normally in most circumstances if you outline your case objectively and explain what you would like to happen most get resolved in this manner. If you still believe that your supplier is not taking things seriously then you can escalate your complaint to the alternative dispute resolution scheme (ADR). There are two schemes available and your broadband provider can let you know which one they are a member of. The two schemes are cisas and otelo

    Popular Broadband Providers

    There are many companies that can provide fast broadband services and the speed will depend on how far you live from the exchange, the type of service that is built in the exchange and the cables to your house and how up to date the technology is. We recommend you research the market thoroughly and see what's available in your area. The most popular providers are as follows :

    Of course there are many other suppliers and perhaps a look at a price comparison website will provide more choices as well as all the other bundled offers that are around which could include line rental, television as well as free daily, weekend and evening calls. You should look at the total price of all services to see just how much you could save on your internet and telephone bill each month.